About the Artist
... My parents were a LITTLE disappointed when they discovered that I’d turned down a place at a top London University to read English and decided to go to Art College instead. I think they got used to the idea over time, but I believe they had been fondly nursing ideas of me becoming top-flight lawyer (or something) with a big house and a fast car, instead of a poor artist living on the derelict Isle of Dogs (as it was at the time) and driving a clapped-out Beetle. The Beetle, I feel I should mention, was VERY fast in first...
Racing cars notwithstanding, I have spent my entire adult life bumbling about in the art world, in one capacity or another, painting murals (as an assistant) for the Sultan of Brunei, working on commercials and pop videos for The Comic Strip Presents, and now... working on a set of 3 x5 " miniatures for the autumn show of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters. I have never been rich, lived in a big house, or had a car that could TRULY race a sports car, but I have never regretted being an artist either.
I have only one regret, and that is that I have only one life. If I could have had three, I would have been an artist in one, a writer in another and a historian in the third. I do my best to combine them in the life I have, though Art has clearly been the winner.


Your Privacy
To keep it brief, I only hold contact details of people with whom I am in active correspondence - e.g. I am working on a commission for them; they have contacted me to offer a workshop or demonstration, etc. These 'details' are kept as minimal as possible, e.g. a name, an email address and / or a phone number, a correspondence / delivery address if work needs sending out.
If you have chosen to follow me on Facebook I may PM you if, for example, I am taking part in an event that I think you might be interested in attending. I will usually only do this if you are known to me personally. Otherwise, I will post a public message that you may respond to by Private Message if you are interested in following it up.

24 - 26 April 2015 - Titchfield Arts and Crafts Show

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Land of Princes
I had a whale of a time this year - highly appropriate for a wildlife artist! I thoroughly enjoyed a heaving Preview Evening, followed by a morning supposedly demonstrating colour pencil techniques, but actually taken up with meeting all kinds of new people interested in art, and interested in attending a proposed series of art classes. Along with the new came the familiar - the very welcome face of local artist Lynne Davies (check her out if you don't know her work already - she's amazing!) with Richard Digance in tow (yes, I DID say Richard Digance!), as well as Vic Bettridge, Julie Monk and the hugely entertaining David Rose-Massom. There wasn't really time to do any work! Besides, I had to rush away in the afternoon to meet a man in a service station to hand over a painting...
Great event and enormous thanks to Mark Pearce and his team for the supremely slick organisation. Can't wait for next year.....!